Experiential Learning Programs


Stretch Your Creativity, Become An Awesome Team Player, Discover Your Voice!

Louie Pearlman has worked with various organizations on projects that help boost productivity, communication, and engagement in the workplace.  His boutique company, Experiential Learning Solutions allows to him to create dynamic personalized sessions and workshops for the specific needs of companies and educational institutions.  

Louie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada) with a concentration in storytelling.  He is a trained expert teaching artist and group facilitator and educator (Story Pirates, New York City).  He holds advanced training in improv coaching and directing for both teens and adults (The Magnet Theater, New York City).  He is also an accomplished performer, writer, and DJ.  Louie has created a marriage between this cutting edge education and the corporate world.  Louie’s niche is creating Experiential Learning Solutions to help people unlock their personal skills to communicate, create, and produce better results in their lives.  

Through Louie’s Pearlman Assessment, he’ll develop a personalized workshop for you that will unlock your company or organization’s full potential to be communicating smoothly and harnessing your group’s wild and wonderful creativity. Louie would love to work with your company, creative project, or comedy group to make you a better communicator, part of a team and increase your bottom line.

Most Requested Workshops and Programs

  • Empowerment Through Improv: Discovering your authentic voice and how to use it.

  • The Ultimate Power Play: learning how to communicate with empathy and compassion

  • The Skill Build: Honing the top three confidence in public speaking skills you need to succeed

  • Coming Home: Reconnecting to your organization’s values and mission

  • Team Building: New ways for your team to work together to achieve greater cohesion

  • The Direct Service Project: Creative solutions for members of your community

Other Services Offered

  • Ideation

  • Executive Leadership

  • Professional Presentations

  • Sales Training

  • Conflict Management

  • Retreats

  • One-On-One Coaching

  • Music / DJ Solutions

  • Professional MCing

  • Trivia Hosting

  • Classes for Kids and Teens

Current and Previous Clients Include

  • Bethel Woods Center For The Arts

  • Brand Now!

  • Bronx Charter School For the Arts

  • Buck's Rock Performing and Creative Arts Camp

  • The Calhoun School

  • Downtown Day Camp

  • Elisabeth Morrow School

  • Flamecon

  • Foreward Productions

  • Google

  • J, Spencer Smith Elementary School

  • Kid Krazy Childcare

  • Keshet

  • The Kinkonauts

  • LEAP

  • Loose Moose Theater

  • The Magnet Theater

  • Manhattan Youth

  • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

  • New Canaan Country School

  • New York Comic Con


  • Newark Improv Festival

  • Packer Collegiate School

  • Palm Beach State College

  • Poughkeepsie Day School

  • PS 19 Bronx

  • PS 112 Brooklyn

  • PS 107 Brooklyn

  • PS 276 Manhattan

  • PS 343 Manhattan

  • Rebeat Magazine

  • Rue La Rue Cafe

  • Sea Tea Improv

  • Sephora

  • Solid Sound Festival

  • Strathcona Tweedsmuir School

  • The Story Pirates

  • Stuyvesant High School

  • Tough Pigs

  • Union Hall

  • University of British Colubia

  • Vancouver International Improv Festival

  • The Woodlawn Concervancy


"Don't let Louie Pearlman's infectious positivity distract you: he is a smart, persistent, and determined educator who specializes in helping students find the latent creativity they didn't even realize they possessed." - Quinton Johnson, National Educational Director, Story Pirates

"As the artistic director of a large improv company Louie is the first person I think of when I need a teacher to lead in-depth and dynamic workshops. He makes everyone in my company better." Stephen Kent, Artistic Director, The Kinkonauts

“Louie is an amazing educator and trainer.  He does a great job helping people discover new and creative ways for every situation.  He is fun, innovative, and I would hire him again and again.  He makes the ‘boring’ become exciting” - Dr. Liz Lasky, PHD

"Louie is one of the most effective, qualified educators I've ever met. He manages to navigate between the line of instructor and collaborator with remarkable elegance, never making you feel like you're being talked down to, but always providing valuable insight. His years of experience as a teaching artist, improviser, arts administrator make him one of the most sought-after figures in the New York arts community. Hire him!" - Jason Boxer, Education Fellow, Story Pirates

"Louie is one of our funniest, most knowledgeable, and most reliable contributors. He consistently brings unique ideas to the table, which is hard to do when it often feels like everything has already been said about the Muppets. Louie has also been instrumental in helping to redefine our social media presence, as well as helping to launch new ventures in the fast-paced worlds of podcasting and YouTubeing. You'd be a fool not to hire him!" Joe Hennes, Editor In Chief, Tough Pigs

"Louie is one of the best educators I have ever worked with. He has a positivity and wonder that imbues all of his teaching. He is encouraging and supportive, strengthening the confidence and courage of his students while still giving them guidance and pushing them to greater creative achievement. He fosters a sense of camaraderie and creates an environment where each member is valued and has the room to make mistakes, fail, learn, and grow. He helps each performer to find the best within themselves. All this while maintaining a fun and playful atmosphere.

Louie's depth and breadth of knowledge makes him an incredibly versatile facilitator. I have attended and audited a variety of his classes and workshops as well as worked with him developing new formats. He is well versed in a wide range of improvisation styles and both educational and entertainment focused applications. He is able to meet his students wherever they are at, beginners and advanced alike. His personal integrity and warm manner make him a joy to work with and a cannot recommend him and his work highly enough." - Sara Simpson, Student, The Kinkonauts

"Louie Pearlman as a teacher of Improv is not just funny, he's fun too. His clarity of vision allows him to see and show other what is truly great in this evolving art form." - Niall Watson, Student, The Kinkonauts

"Louie Pearlman is truly one of the wonders of the world. He is an extraordinary teacher, capable of bringing out the best in all who work with with him." - Jeffrey Paul Bobrick, Singer and Performer